Pre-Screened Candidates
100offer selects the top 5% candidates currently in the market and brings their profiles direct to you.
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New Candidates Weekly
Our marketplace of candidates will be refreshed every week.
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Fast Response
Our response rate is 40%. That means that every 2-3 invitations will result in a face-to-face interview. 100offer can slash your hiring times and increase recruitment efficiency.
1. Marketplace
Marketplaces start weekly on Monday mornings. That means you can select from a fresh batch of top-level, pre-screened candidates every week.
2. Select Suitable Candidates
100offer lets you filter candidates by job title, location, or length of experience, making it easy to find that perfect fit for your role.
3. Send Interview Invitations
Invite a candidate. Clearly include the job title, salary range, corporate benefits in your invitation.
4. Arrange Interview
Candidates' full contact details will be visible after acceptance of your invitation. You can then arrange interviews with the candidates of your choice.
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