The Ultimate Tech Interview Guide for Singapore
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Want a crash course in what it takes to be a developer at the top startups headquartered in Singapore? It's tough to make the cut as tech talent, but with a few pointers, you can walk into your tech interview confident that you know what star tech companies are looking for. We've gathered this series after interviews with hiring managers and CTOs to give you a handy and comprehensive guide to what makes the grade at top tech companies.

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Person-to-person online marketplace Carousell is a tough combination of culture fit and technical skill. Less than 2 percent of applicants make it through the tech interview process. Aspiring Carousell developers can expect to answer a preliminary fit questionnaire and complete a coding exercise before talking to the company recruiter. Questions will be situation-based - “what would you do in this sample situation" kinds of inquiries.

Final-stage candidate undergo a full day of face-to-face interviews that cover culture and technical skills, including answers given on previous exercises.

Technical bases covered include software design, framework choices, and software engineering best practices. It will also include a live portion in which candidates modify parts of the company code base.

For more on the cultural values that'll get you in the door at Carousell, click here.


While less than 2 percent of Carousell's candidates get through the rigorous tech interview process, candidates' chances at internet company Garena fare a little better - around 10 percent make it through to the final round.

The process is very technical, comprised of four interview rounds, three of which are technical. The final round is a one-on-one with Garena's vice president.

Candidates will be asked about data structure, algorithm, operating systems, computer organization, network, and programming languages, to name a few. They will also be asked questions that take interviewers through their thought processes. Staying updated on the latest in programming languages as well as trends in Southeast Asia sets candidates apart from the pack.

For more on Garena's hiring process, click here.

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Potential hires trying for engineering roles have about a 3 to 5 percent chance of making it to the offer stage at Grab, and the number of interviews depends on the role and its seniority.

Candidates can expect an initial interview with HR, then an online coding round. The number of interviews after may vary, but they generally evaluate for experience developing scalable software, experience building complex distributed systems, and mobile experience. Expect to have external coding samples seen and evaluated.

As far as culture, be ready to demonstrate team spirit, clearly explain and back up your thinking style, and show an entrepreneurial spirit that drives to succeed.

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Transportation and services unicorn Go-Jek set out last year to more than double its tech team numbers, but that doesn't mean getting in the door is easy. Getting yourself a referral to become part of Go-Jek's tech team will greatly increase your chances - only 10 percent of hires don't come from a referral or close examination.

If possible, Go-Jek's entire tech interview process - code test and evaluation, team lunch, and office tour - takes place in one day. If the candidate cannot come in, then the process will be split up into remote-friendly sessions, with the potential hire getting an offer after a coding test and interviews with Go-Jek's team.

Ideal Go-Jek candidates know their stuff, are hands-on, and are team players.

For more about Go-Jek's hiring process, click here. To learn more about the data scientist hiring process for Grab, click here.

Ninja Van

To work on Ninja Van's tech team, expect four interviews - one with the hiring manager, one with the engineering team, one with the company's CTO, and one with the engineering VP. Ninja Van also will take a look at what you've been doing in your spare time, so feel free to have your Github profile or other projects ready for show.

Ninja Van's culture is definitely a startup culture, and employees - no matter the department - may be expected to drop whatever they're doing and help another department. Flexibility and a good sense of self-management would be helpful.

To learn more about Ninja Van's interview process and company culture, click here.

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