How a software engineer got a job in Singapore in 16 days
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Job in Singapore

A surprise layoff can feel a lot like a punch in the gut, followed by a slew of unanswerable questions. What's going to happen to me, my savings, and my living situation? What will I tell my family and friends?

Working outside your own country just ups the anxiety. What happens to your visa? Will you need to move away? What happens to the roots you've put down where you are?

When full-stack software engineer Olivia Nguyen* found out that her company was ceasing operations in Singapore - where she was based - she faced this kind of uncertainty. On top of that, the clock was ticking - Olivia was working on an employment pass (EP) and worried she'd have to leave the country if she couldn't find another job in Singapore before her pass was canceled. She had 30 days.

If an individual sends out 100 applications, getting responses for two of them is already a lot to ask for.

"[I felt] quite sad and worried," she remembers.

In interviews with career coaches in New York and Los Angeles, Forbes found that online applications may never get read by a human - if at all. If an individual sends out 100 applications, getting responses for two of them is already a lot to ask for.

Olivia took to a number of methods in the search for her next position, including meeting with recruiters and applying to positions on Stack Overflow. "From my experience, online applications tend to get [a] slower response," Olivia explains. "With recruiters, I'm mostly constrained by what companies they represent."

She also found that she needed to keep track of the places where they sent her CV to keep double-sending to a minimum.

One among many

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It's not that there aren't already numerous methods to search for employment, including platforms specialized for software engineers or talent overseas. The problem is quite the opposite: there are so many different channels and processes that it can be hard to keep track of them all. To add to the anxiety, it was hard to find one place where she could weigh her options.

"I was quite new to this recruitment stuff, so the recruiters would tell me not to tell anything to other recruiters," Olivia says. Working with multiple recruiters is "a mess," she added.

I was quite new to this recruitment stuff, so the recruiters would tell me not to tell anything to other recruiters.

That's nothing against recruitment firms - it's just the way they operate. At the end of the day, recruiters get paid - or fired - based on the number of job candidates they place. Convincing job seekers to close the door on other potential offers helps them land their sales, but it limits people like Olivia, whose livelihood rely on having as many good options as possible.

It's there that Olivia found there was room for 100offer to help. She uploaded her resume onto the platform and found that it took care of a lot of the job search maintenance for her. "I like the interface where I can easily get a list of interview invites - a lot easier to organize," she says.

In lieu of working with a recruiter, Olivia was working with a talent consultant. At first cautious to speak about other offers after the advice she'd gotten, Olivia found herself opening up to the consultant. "She was very genuine when she talked to me, so I felt like [...] I could talk to her more about my situation," Olivia recalls.

Happy ending

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100offer curates companies as well as the candidates it features. "Beside the reasons I enjoy using 100offer, 100offer partners with different companies that recruiters may not be able to represent, and so you get more options," she points out. The addition of an advisor helped to alleviate the burden of an already-stressful situation.

It also got her results. In just over two weeks, the platform had gotten her a job offer. Meanwhile, her recruiters had also found her positions. She found her 100offer advisor responsive and willing to give her advice, even for the positions that she didn't receive through the company. Together, they achieved this by laying out the positions offered and comparing the benefits of each to what Olivia personally wanted in a new workplace. Simply put, the best job won.

Meanwhile, for Olivia, a previously stressful experience became one that was "quite smooth."

Cheerfully, Olivia speaks to me now in a cafe nearby her new office. Though she ultimately accepted a position from one of her recruiters, she found her 100offer talent consultant a resource during a turbulent time. She now has a job in Singapore, once again, as a full-stack engineer. "I think it worked out well," she says.

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*At the candidate's request, this name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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