Smart Questions to Ask Companies During the Interview Process
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Many people who go for an interview incorrectly assume it's a one-way street. The reality is that an interview is an opportunity for an employer and a potential employee to learn more about each other to see if they're a good fit for each other.

To illustrate, you wouldn't buy a car without doing research on the specific model you're interested in. Similarly, a company wouldn't hire a candidate without learning about the candidate and his/her skills. You should prepare at least two questions for your interviewer. If you fail to do so, the interviewer will assume that you're uninterested or haven't prepared. Usually, the opportunity to ask questions comes at the end of the interview. Your questions must demonstrate your interest in the position, your drive to excel in the role as well as the fact that you've done some research on the company as well as what they do.

The best questions to ask are focused on open-ended questions. Make sure you avoid yes or no questions as well as questions which are difficult to answer because they're so broad. If you're still not sure about what you should ask your interviewer, have a look at these questions to ask during a job interview.

1. Can you tell me a little more about what my day-to-day responsibilities would be?

Asking this question will let you learn as much about the role as possible so that you can decide if this job is a good fit for you. Learning about your responsibilities will also give you some insight into which specific skills and strengths will be required for the job. You'll also be able to talk about any topics which haven't been covered.

2. What are your expectations for this role during the first month, two months, and a year?

You can find out whether your employer's expectations are realistic or unrealistic from the way they answer this question.

3. Who do you consider your top competitor, and why?

You should already be familiar with the company's competition before the interview. However, it's quite useful to ask the interviewer for their opinion as this will give you the insight you won't be able to find anywhere else.

4. What do you like best about working for this company?

This question will give you insight into the company's work culture.

5. What follows after this step in the interview process?

This question will tell the interviewer that you're eager to move forward in the process. It will also give you a rough idea of the timeline for hiring so that you can follow up. Make sure you don't ask about salary or benefits here. You must wait until the final steps of the interview before negotiating with an HR representative or the hiring manager.

These questions are safe questions to ask during the interview. They all show the interviewer that you're interested in working for the company. Avoid asking questions which aren't related to the company or your role in the company as that can show that you aren't taking the interview seriously.

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