Here Are The Best Women in Tech Communities in Singapore
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Tech Communities help you stay in touch with the latest tech, improve your networking abilities as well as meet like minded people who share the same interests as you. Singapore is already a major name in the global tech industry and its talent lies in its workforce. These tech communities also promote exchanges of thought and provide the support necessary to bring out new innovations in the industry.

If you are looking for tech communities in Singapore dedicated to women, then this list will show you some of the best women in tech companies in Singapore.

1. Girls in Tech

Members: 2040

Frequency: Monthly Meetups

Girls in Tech is a tech community dedicated to inspiring and assisting women who work in the STEM fields. There is a large gender disparity among men and women within the STEM industries. Girls in Tech bring together women who are thinkers, developers, entrepreneurs and innovators under one umbrella. Here, they can engage with and be inspired by other women professionals, and support the growth and education of women interested in STEM subjects.

2. She Loves Data

Members: Large global community with a chapter in Singapore

Frequency: Monthly Meetups

Inspired by the philosophy that women have many talents and skills that do not get developed because they do not find the right support, She Loves Data is an international organization that hopes to offer that support. Dedicated to bringing together women in order to push forward their aspirations in data and tech, She Loves Data provides access to networking for women as well as resources for professional growth in data and tech.

3. Lean in Singapore

Members: 3331

Frequency: Monthly Meetups

Lean in Singapore has various Circles through which you can interact with women across industries interested in professional as well as personal growth. The Lean In network hopes to provide women with the encouragement and support they need to grow in confidence and become established as leaders in their fields. The tech community within Lean In Singapore is exclusively dedicated to helping women in tech achieve professional growth and personal success.

4. PyLadies

Members: International community with thousands of members across the world

Frequency: Monthly meetups

PyLadies is a mentorship programme dedicated to helping women in tech who have a special interest in the Python coding language. With chapters in almost every major city in the world, PyLadies is a global organization that work to inspire women to become leaders in the field of using the open source Python programming language.

5. Tech Ladies

Members: 2700+

Frequency: Monthly meetups

Tech Ladies is tech community in Asia that brings together women across the continent interested in tech, tech development and professional development within the tech industry.

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